How Can I Get in Touch With The KBC Head Office Number?

Do you wish to speak with someone from the KBC customer care department? It is recommended that you call the KBC Lottery Winner Helpline Number since we are legally registered with the KBC Helpline Number in Kolkata. This number 0019152084400 is for direct calls as well as text messages sent over WhatsApp. In addition to KBC lottery information, this WhatsApp number is for KBC online registration for season 13.

KBC has made these data public in order to assist anyone who desires to play the KBC game online. If you would like to participate in the KBC game online, please call us with your Adhar card and send us a photo of yourself on the game. If you use WhatsApp, we will register you and get in touch with you as soon as we can. After participation, you can Check KBC Lottery Number on our website from your home.

The KBC Lucky Draw is now connected to all Indian SIM cards and your cell phone number, so you no longer need to register with jio to participate. Do you want to be one of the lucky winners of the KBC Lottery in 2022? It’s not tough, and you won’t have to travel anywhere to do it. If you are the winner of the KBC Lottery, you should contact KBC’s Support Line at 0019152084400 KBC Helpline Number. It is one of your finest options.


The KBC Official Website Head Office WhatsApp number is 0019152084400, and it is commonly used for WhatsApp calls from customers. For phone calls, you can also dial this number 0019152084400, which is the official KBC Head Office Number. It follows as a result that any number you speak with outside of this line should be assumed to be fraudulent.

KBC Helpline number is available via WhatsApp or phone for those who like to be a part of the programme or for those who would need more information about the KBC show in general. You would be attended to promptly by one of our workers or by one of our customer service specialists, whichever is appropriate. You’d understand why this is so frequently necessary for your protection if you did.

Get Your KBC Lottery Prize

The TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati is conducting a lottery that shares the same name as the KBC lottery: the KBC lottery. All SIM card users will be eligible to participate in this lottery on an automated basis. From there, select lucky charms will have a chance to win a share of the $1 million prize. If you are KBC Winner 2022 please do not share your personal information with anyone other than the KBC Head Office. The winners of the KBC Lottery receive a cash prize of Rs. 25 lakhs. This automatic gift from KBC, which users may send via their SIM cards, is called the SIM card gift programme. There is no invitation from the KBC authorities for customers to check their lottery number. This is a freebie that may be obtained by automatic self-registration. You will be prompted when you purchase your SIM card. The KBC office number is 0019152084400, and it is the sole one in the organization. If you get any fake phone calls claiming to be from the KBC Lottery, please contact us at our central office number. Kaun Banega Crorepati, often known as KBC, is the most well-known television programme in the whole country of India. It is a reality television show hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. An online KBC Lottery Check portal is also accessible through this site.


Competition for the KBC Winner in 2022

Every month, the KBC Lucky Draw will be held on the first and fifteenth of the month, allowing you to participate twice in a single month for the first time in history. Continue to recharge your SIM card in order to boost your chances of winning the jackpot as time goes on. Dear Customers, if you receive a phone call from someone who asks you a question, you have been selected as the lucky winner of the KBC lottery for the year 2022. Furthermore, if you are asked to have money placed into your account, do not deposit any money into your account in the first place. In order to establish that you are receiving a valid call, dial the KBC head office number. On our website, we will also post the KBC Lottery Winner List for the year 2022.

Each Jio client would have two chances to win the KBC lottery every month as part of the KBC India 2022 SIM card lottery, according to a report by KBC. Every hour of the day and night, KBC delivers extraordinarily effective customer support to its customers. In addition, customers will be able to get timely information and messages on how to win the KBC 2022 Lottery as a result of this arrangement. Take no further action until you have received confirmation that your lottery entry has been entered into the KBC Lottery Database. Our recommendation is that you do not follow any instructions provided by a fictional person over WhatsApp unless you have validated them by calling the KBC Headquarters WhatsApp number, 0019152084400.


What is The Best Way To Find Out What Your KBC Lottery Winning Number Is?

All you have to do is visit our lottery winner check website, where you will be requested to input your Jio lottery number as well as your contact information. The KBC Lottery Winner 2022 will be notified once they get their photos and personal details. A KBC lottery number can be obtained by phoning the KBC headquarters number, if you do not already have one. When we get your email, we will send you a link that will provide you with extra opportunities to win.

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