How to win KBC Lottery?

KBC is the shortcut to accomplish your dreams. It is making big things possible for the people who are dreaming for them for so long. The one who wins KBC hot seat has the chance to play with the iconic Amitabh Bachchan. Moreover, he or she can win up to 7 crores also. Besides this, winning KBC Lottery is another achievement for the people who are participating in this game show. Winning this lottery is the dream of so many people who are living in India. They are dreaming of winning this life-changing lottery for so long.

KBC Lottery Winner List and registration process, all the details are available at official websites only. So, you should not visit any fake website; just stick to the official website and for authentic pieces of information. People are searching for lottery registration and ways to win this exceptional lottery. That’s why they are getting scammed by people who are looting their money in the name of KBC. Thus, never trust blindly anyone who is sharing fake information with you. We are here to make you aware of false information regarding KBC.

To win KBC Lottery you just have to keep trying and praying. If you have more than one Indian SIMs then you have utmost chances to win. All SIM cards are linked with KBC so the winner is selected randomly. That’s why people with more SIMs have extra chances to win this life-changing lottery.

Participate in KBC Lottery through SonyLiv app

SonyLiv is a popular app in India that can help KBC lovers to win a KBC lottery number. What you have to do first is download this app. People are winning up to 10 lacs by downloading is the app only. Once you have done downloading it, you have to participate in KBC Play Along at this app by logging in to it. Every night sharp at 9 PM you can participate in the show. Some questions appeared on your screens. You should answer them at the app or through your phone within the given time. If you are answering all the questions right then the chances will become higher for you to become KBC Lottery Winner. But if you answer any question wrong then do not be anxious either. In the end, points will matter that you collect after each answer.

Another thing to note is that you can Play Along with this app only 5 days a week which are allocated for the show. So, if you want to participate in the lottery and want to see your name in KBC Winner List 2022, then download this app now and play on it.

KBC Lottery Winner List

Many people are winning the KBC lottery every year. All Indian people are automatically registered for this biggest show. Each year many lucky people won the lottery and their name appears in KBC Lottery Winner List. On our official website, you can check all previous winners’ lists. We have uploaded the name of the winners, their IDs, and the winning amount also. You can check our website for complete guidance about this lottery and its winners’ list. Moreover for KBC Winner List 2022, you will also have to stick to our website. Visit it often to get the answers to your queries. Some fake websites are mentioning fake winner names and uploading bogus lists to scam people. You will not have to believe them.

KBC official website is the only authentic source which is providing real information on what you need. From the registration process to the final uploading of winner’s lists, we have the authentic info to share with you. Visit us or call us at official numbers only.

Stay away from false registration

A group of scammers is fooling innocent people with their evil tactics. They are fooling them by making bogus calls. If you receive any call and the person is claiming any amount for KBC, hang up immediately. Moreover, do not share your personal data with anyone asking for it. From KBC registration to the KBC Lottery Winner List, you can check anything online at the official website. Besides this, false narratives about KBC are spreading from fake people. They demand money from you and in return promise to give the lucky number to you for the KBC show. That is totally wrong as the process of selection is clear and without any discrimination. In case if someone is asking for a KBC registration fee or anything wrong, you have to do the following things immediately:

  • Call us at our given authentic head office number which is 0019152084400. You can also WhatsApp at this number if you have no credits.
  • Share the fake call number with our representative and other necessary details.
  • Our representative will try his best to save you from scammers.
  • If you need additional information, you can confidently visit our website

Rana Pratap Singh—A Big Scam

KBC is an extremely fair show which does not show any favoritism towards any participant. But people need something to create hype. That’s why they are defaming the KBC name with false narratives. Most people in India are getting bogus calls from a person called Rana Pratap Singh. He claims that he is the manager at KBC and asks you to share your personal info with him. Moreover, he also demands to transfer some amount into his account to get KBC Lucky Number. But you have to be alert of such a big scam. There is not any person naming this working at KBC.

Moreover, some fake calls from +92, +923 are also reported by people. Do not attend calls starting from these numbers as they are scamming you. Our official head office and WhatsApp number are 0019152084400. You can call this number anytime to get your relevant pieces of information. Besides this, avoid making calls or attending from any number claiming to be part of the KBC show.

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