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The fraud in the name of KBC is something like this… Call you first Message will be received The message will be in paper or in recording On top of the paper you will find some weird bank and some KBC monograms on these things On top of this paper may be a photo of Amitabh Bachchan as well as a photo of Modi And on top of this paper it will be written that you have won lottery worth Rs. 25 lakhs I will also have some copies of Indian currency And on one side you will see your number and on the other side you will see a small number written that this is your lottery number And I have a head office number written on it You will be given such details when you call it That we are giving you the number of Rana Pratab Singh who will give you the information of lottery Mr. Rana Pratap Singh will call and he will inform you about some lottery and will demand some money from you that you have to diposat this much money Now they will deposit money and after you call, you will get that number sotch off The purpose is for you to visit our website before answering any fake calls.


Stay Away From Fraudulent Phone Calls

Real Number of the KBC Head Office: The office number that appears on the KBC display is critical to the success of the presentation and should be shown prominently. We have made our customer support phone number readily available on our professional website. Please visit our professional website if you need to get in contact with the KBC team and acquire any information you require regarding the KBC Complaint Number or the KBC game show, as well as other relevant information. You may also contact the KBC Head Office Manager Vishal Pandey phone number listed here: 0019152084400.


Visitors to KBC can call our functional hotline lines at any time of day or night seven days a week for the most up-to-date information on the current lottery issues. Jio customer support number is available via KBC. You may acquire information about your current status in the KBC lottery quiz by contacting their main office at the KBC Head Office Phone Number Kolkata 0019152084400.


You will be able to access any and all information and procedures regarding the KBC game show simply by having the phone number for the game show’s headquarters readily available. Following a phone call to the KBC helpline number and the transfer of your entire problem to a customer care officer from the Kaun Banega Crorepati game show, the devoted service of the KBC helpline team will address all of your problems and concerns will be addressed. It is a common search term to look for Runa Pratap Singh’s KBC Whatsapp Number. But we want to inform that kbc has terminated the whole old staff and they hired a new staff for KBC Lottery 2022. Now, Vishal Pandey is the new KBC Head Office Manager.

Simple information such as your name, contact information, e-mail address and other pertinent facts are all that is required of you while registering. In order to fulfil your desire of being a part of his show and seeing your favourite actor Amitabh Bachchan in person, please contact the KBC hotline number, which is toll-free. During business hours, you can call the KBC head office lines to talk with someone about obtaining information, such as how to participate. I’m not sure who I should speak with. Is there a way to enrol in a programme? What is the most appropriate course of action that works the best? In order to find out who the winners are, you must first identify them. What is the most effective method of confirming it? For all kbc participants, calling the kbc head office number is the most efficient method.


Number 2022 for the KBC Head Office

The KBC Head Office may be reached at the following phone number: KBC Head Office Number Mumbai if you want more assistance. For KBC Jio Lottery winners, the official KBC Head Office contact number is 0019152084400, which can be reached at 0019152084400. To aid you in getting connected to Kaun Banega Crorepati, we’ve created a Customer Care Center at our corporate headquarters. A plus is that you’ll learn how to collect more related information from data and mobile carriers across the country as a result of this course. If you have any queries or seek clarification on any of our policies, please do not hesitate to contact our KBC office.

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